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The Guardians of Passion

Daniel posted Feb 22, 18

Dadaluma Biblio Air Force Ul-dead.

I really cannot overstate how much I like! this fight but all our efforts have paid off in the end. The damn gob-gob-yourself thing is dead. Despite some setbacks I'd say we're still pretty good on the patch timetable :3 Although this particular fight definitely caught some of us off-guard with it's mechanics splitting into two different ways of execution, it wasn't enough to bring us down. 

Thanks to everyone in Team Bowie for your concentrated efforts to slay this metal thingie by the way. I feel like we've overcome yet another milestone in the road of raid hardships. There might just be more waiting for us down the road, but we won't be caught off guard this time. This tier is definitely more difficult than Deltascape. With that said, it's time to AFK now see ya o/

Simulation of what happened:


Eliza Death Thanks for writing this up Dan, and nice work all.
Ash a I'm not sure what you mean, this fight was smooth sailing! <.< >.>


Daniel posted Feb 15, 18

Well, we finally managed to claw our way out of Byakko's fury :3 ......No?...okay...

We've once again prevailed against all odds and took down a cat! A cat.. primal, I think? Or maybe some demi - god. Whatever he is he's finally having his well deserved rest inside that cave where every demi - god pet has been resting for years. Sadly though he didn't drop any puppies for us. We'll need to promptly beat him up again until he does. If I had to guess, this fight is just a bit more difficult than Susano Ex, I absolutely did not claim this would be easier than Lakshmi Ex, oh no.

There was also our attempt at this boss with me, Rain and Ash, in a fully German party. That was certainly.. interesting. Anyways, I hope to see you at the next primal :3 Probably that birdy thing, Phoenix! Until then, be like Ash here and limit break everything in sight!

Ash a <-- limit break slave, I really wanted to LB byakko though...that bar was calling to me but some silly tanks want...
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