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By Ash a - Posted Jul 14, 18

Hello everyone, or at least anyone still checking up on this website ^^

You might have noticed there has been very little activity here. No posts on the forum, the shoutbox is quiet and no news posts for the past few months either. There are two reasons for this:

- Most of the conversation is happening on Discord these days (link to that server here)

- The FC in general isn't super active any more as a lot of the 'veterans' are getting a bit bored with the game and casual players come and go

Team Bowie as a raid group is still going at it, slowly progressing into UwU. You can check out our latest good pull here if you like.

I'm of a mind currently to get rid of this site (or just leave it on a 'free' enjin plan), I'll hang on to the domain for the time being in case I ever have need of it again in the future though. If anyone has different ideas on what to do with the site, feel free to drop me a line!

Edit: it is done, now on a free plan with very limited site functionality, just leaving it around in case people look us up!

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