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Ash a posted Jul 14, 18

Hello everyone, or at least anyone still checking up on this website ^^

You might have noticed there has been very little activity here. No posts on the forum, the shoutbox is quiet and no news posts for the past few months either. There are two reasons for this:

- Most of the conversation is happening on Discord these days (link to that server here)

- The FC in general isn't super active any more as a lot of the 'veterans' are getting a bit bored with the game and casual players come and go

Team Bowie as a raid group is still going at it, slowly progressing into UwU. You can check out our latest good pull here if you like.

I'm of a mind currently to get rid of this site (or just leave it on a 'free' enjin plan), I'll hang on to the domain for the time being in case I ever have need of it again in the future though. If anyone has different ideas on what to do with the site, feel free to drop me a line!

Edit: it is done, now on a free plan with very limited site functionality, just leaving it around in case people look us up!

Fikkie I think free plan is good as well nowadays. Most important is that the posts remain here :)
ririsu being a busybody here, but i think free should suffice--even if the site looks crappier, it's at least another way ...

Clown Downed

ririsu posted Mar 23, 18

"Life... dreams... hope... Where do they come from, and where do they go? Such things as those... are mine to destroy!"
-- Kefka

Raiders would be familiar with the feeling of hopelessness when progression grinds to a halt--and sadly we weren't immune to it this tier as well. After trampling a train and poking a painting on the first reset, Guardian proved to be a... more competent guardian of Kefka than expected.

After a bit of soul-searching, our lives were filled again with glorious purpose.

Progress went into hyperdrive after Guardian. Our initially indolent will morphed into an inexorable and indomitable one; Kefaust fell a reset after Guardian's first demise.

With our pasts forgotten, each passing week saw God Kefka's future getting numbered. This was helped out by every member faithfully following the trine of reading Eliza's doc, preparing consumables, and repairing their gear before the raid (except for a cheeky RDM with 12k HP). God Kefka ultimately succumbed to our judgement this Wednesday--it came as a surprise, as our initial aim was to see the enrage before putting in final DPS optimisations to kill the boss for good. This might be the first final-tier boss that we felled before seeing enrage!

(Following the tradition of having useless weapons dropping for us, the AST weapon was our first weapon drop. Thank YoshiP for the guaranteed coffer.)

As with all things ending, this tier is also the last tier that I will be part of Bowie, as I will be relocating to a completely different hemisphere for a new job. I have buried a longer thank-you to Bowie in the forums; shan't repeat it here, but I am very grateful to be part of Bowie for the last 4.5 years. Here's wishing Bowie continued success, and tenacity to bounce back from crises!

Kefaust kill video (WAR POV):

God Kefka kill video (PLD POV):

First kill dates for Sigmascape

Phantom Train: Feb 3, 2018 (week 1).
Demon Chardanook: Feb 3, 2018.
Guardian: Feb 21, 2018 (week 4).
Kefaust: March 4, 2018 (week 5).
God Kefka: March 21, 2018 (week 8).

Zafran Great job everyone with this tier. And good luck risu in your new adventure. May your roads be crocodile-free
Rienzi Awesome write-up, thanks for everything Risu! It’s been great getting to heal with you and hope you have an amazin...
Eliza Death A joyous clear and a sad goodbye; it has been a pleasure raiding with you Risu. May your time with Bowie Galvanise your ...
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